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Freedom Is A Thought Away.

Self Management is the key to realising inner peace Self-discipline was never something I was attracted to in my younger years. In fact I rebuffed it as a child since my father was always so proud of his disciplined military training. He was enforced to live around a tight schedule …

Blame Game or Power of Now? Your choice!

Reading comments on facebook after England voted to leave the EU has left a sense of feeling down. Two hours ago, none the wiser for any decision, I was feeling fine. Now I connect to public opinion about public decisions and I’m not anymore because of the bleak outlook that …

Meditation Replaces Loneliness with Bliss

It is said that “Two wounds together cannot help each other to be healed.” There are many people in this world who feel lonely and through their conditioning, they have come to believe that their fulfillment lies in the hands of another who will make them happy. They feel that …

Bleeding from the Breeding

On one side we have social grace, pomp and ceremony, hardened  belief systems and a wealth of power.  And on the other side we  have excitement, no boundaries, spontaneous interruptions and  social numbness.      

The misguided mind

Here I am enjoying the day, catching up on the fb gossip column  and my mind catches on to a negative thought just like its out  fishing for an opportunity to trip me up.  It can’t be all good, it  says, and next thing there’s some fear filled realization that in  actual fact people don’t really like me for various reasons.  What is  going on?  It’s like the mind catches a worm that has it’s teeth  around a larger worm, that has it’s teeth around an even larger  worm in a succession of revelations that back up the evidence to  say “You are rejected!!”   

Putting on the face

Every morning as consciousness surfaces and the world turns on, so  does a feeling tracker that scans memories of yesterday.  It firstly  looks for negative impressions, of bruises in the subconscious that  tell a story of why things are not right. Searching for feelings in the  shape of dread, guilt, shame, grief, despair…    

Private world

It’s interesting to see how the mind operates within our little  bubbles of reality that are filtered through our fears and  measurements of how things should be. Our private world is our  most intimate reality with our secrets of what we hold close to our  chest, our personal perception of how we are in the world, and how  others see us. 

Seeing the Seeing

“It’s not what you are looking at, it’s where you are looking from…” – Mooji It was April 2010 and I was planning a holiday to experience a special festival that happens in India every 12 years, the Kumbh Mela. As a seasoned traveler I am used to vacating my home …

Life is but a dream

We want to find out who we are by classifying ourselves, our  personality type, our Enneagram, our astrological birth sign.  By  classifying our characteristics we validate the way we feel, the  struggles we face and the successes we enjoy.  We hold onto these  concepts so we can have a sense of control in knowing ourselves  and our destiny.  When secretly we are dreaming of a  happily-ever-after wrap up to the movie of our life.  But what if the  happily ever after wasn’t dependent on finding the partner of our  dreams, winning the lottery, or reaching the top of Mt. Everest?   What if happily ever after wasn’t dependent on anything, but  despite everything?